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Wouldn't travel with anything else on my bikes. I have the system fitted to my ZX1400 and my KTM RC8R, can't beat them!!
- Michael Judge
Hi, In 2001/2002 I went backpacking through Australia, there I got my first glimpse of bikes fitted with the Ventura bike-packs. I had a Honda CX500 and was still looking for something luggage wise that would suit the bike. Eventually I bought a set to go with the bike whilst still in Australia. When I got back home I had a nice package waiting for me. Since then the system has been a regular companion on all my trips including a 6000 kilometer trip to the Nordkapp in Norway. There is nothing that makes you prouder then getting to one of those landmarks on a 29 year old bike fully loaded with the Ventura bag, a swag and some soft luggage. A couple of years ago I bought a second Honda CX this time a 650. Because of the paintwork I wanted a luggage system that looked the part with the bike and wouldn´t damage the paintwork. So it was back to the tried and tested Ventura pack-rack and sport-rack. Just bought a brand new 2013 BMW, it has only done 560 km so far and I have already fitted a Ventura system. Why the Ventura system? because I know I´m going to drop the bike and withe the Ventura I know I can get the luggage off before I have to lift up the bike. That will make things a lot easier. Everything comes of without any hassle. THank you Ventura for a first class product.
- Cosmar Gommers Motorgek gek op motor . Netherlands
What a great rack system; well made, and easy as to fit to my bike TL1000S. I only recently got back onto bikes, and have been making do with a Oxford Tank Bag; but a real hassle layering the tank with 'glad-wrap' to protect paint and removing bag at fuel stops. A few other riders from local Ulysses group told me of the Ventura system; so I looked into it, and I bought the Pack-Rack, Aero-Spada Pack and raincover - I'll be getting the Sport-Rack later for around town. Anyhow, some photos attached of my first ride with the rack - day trip to Ardath, Western Australia ... about 540 kms round trip.
- Johnno, Australia
I've used these products over about 100,000 kms on all sorts of roads and they've never let me down. One of my racks survived a very nasty crash and was virtually undamaged!
- John Morrison, Darlington, WA, Australia
Hi Just a quick note to commend you on your products. I have just purchased and fitted one of your pack racks to my latest bike, a BMW R1150GS - and I have to say it took me 15 minutes and was a joy to fit!!! I cannot believe the racks are still this good - I have been using them since the late seventies when it was a Hallmark pack. Some of the bikes I have fitted the racks to are; Suzuki GT750, GSX750, GS1000S, GSX1100E, GSXR750, BMW R80GS, R100T, R100GSPD & R1150GS and did not imagine I would be still using this luggage system 30yrs on! In fact my wife insisted I transfer the spada bike pack to this bike as the frame helps her get on and off! so its a handrail as well! Thanks for a great product.
- Steven, Dunedin
Hi Phil, This week I ordered the L-brackets and Packrack/sportrack through your dealer in the UK (motohaus) Yesterday I received everything in the mail. I asked for the B037/B (instruction said BMW F800 GS 2008/2011). The L-brackets fit like a dream as shown in the pictures. This is my third bike fitted with Ventura's and I wouldn't want anything else on my bikes. p.s. I'll try and send some pics from all three bikes in a row with the rack attached. Met vriendelijke groet, With kind regards,
- Cosmar Gommers Voorwerker RL&R Netherlands
Hi, Just thought I would send through a couple of photo's of a group of us on a recent ride all supporting your Ventura Luggage. As we are all so very happy with your product we are only to happy to recommend, display and advertise for this product where ever we travel. Thank you so very much.
- Lynette Kington and fellow riders - Australia
The Ventura luggage is the only way we can travel together on any sportsbike, although I had to fabricate my own bracket support as my Akropopvic exhausts are a different shape to standard, and your original would not fit. Still it’s a great system and even better one up as the luggage faces toward me and doesn,t ruin my bodywork like throw-over panniers etc. Thanks
- Stuart Barker, United Kingdom.
I have just returned from a trip to Spain/Andorra/France, approx 2,600 miles using the Ventura luggage system on my CBR1000RR (2010). I was riding with a pillion and we were away for approximately a fortnight.

I just wanted to let you know how well the luggage system worked for us. We encountered very high temperatures followed by torrential rain, and the luggage held up superbly. It was easy to get on and off the bracket when we finished riding for the day, and we managed to fit in everything we needed for the trip.

Praise where it is due!
- Philip Bagot-Moore
One of the best bags for a trip. Thank you VENTURA. The photo is from the Pyrenees in France on our way to the MotoGP in Catalunya.
- Antonio Vermelho, Lisbon Portugal.
Just to let you know I am very satisfied with the Bike pack kit I purchased from you for my 2014 Thruxton. It installs and fits very well and is of quality construction. It makes using the bike much more versatile. I highly recommend your products. Regards,
- Darryll Johnstone. USA
Good news - the Ventura system is absolutely brilliant! The Sport Rack and Sport Pack look like being a permanent fixture on he VFR 1200 - neat, unobtrusive and perfect for every day riding. Holds all my bits and pieces and room to spare. The 51l pack is amazing. I took the bike on a business trip to Bristol last week and the pack took all my personal kit, the bike bits (lock, emergency tool kit etc.) and the lap top etc. for work with room to spare. It's easy to put on and off the rack, unobtrusive, makes no difference to the feel/handling of the bike and makes filtering in traffic so very easy compared to conventinal panniers. It probably saved 30 - 45 minutes on the journey home on Friday afternoon/early evening in heavy traffic.
- Greg Benton, Peterborough
MCN Review:

To deal with the luggage side of things I have opted for a Ventura Rack System with an Areo Spada V11 backpack, which has the capacity 51 litres. This can be added with a 15/35 litre expandable Aero Delta V11 pack. The rack itself is very easy to fit and took around 20 minutes from start to finish. The nice thikng about the Ventura Systems is that you have 3 options once you have fitted the L Brackets, there is a grab handle , a sports rack or a larger pack rack.

Fantastic review from LonderBikers.com:

Can Luggage Stay On The S1000RR? Yes When It's Ventura

Read the article here: http://londonbikers.com/articles/12973/can-luggage-stay-on-the-s1000rr-yes-when-its-ventura
- LondonBikers.com
I managed to find a new old stock 'L' bracket kit for my 1996 Honda CBR600F and have just finished fitting it this afternoon.
I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the design and fit of the brackets, it's obvious to see how much thought and care went in to the design. Attaching luggage to this model bike without damaging the body work is almost impossible. Your system eliminates this problem completely as usual- win.
I've had Ventura racks and bags fitted to five different bikes over the years and been happy with all of them.
Thanks again for your product.
- Paul Sharratt. Australia