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Good news - the Ventura system is absolutely brilliant! The Sport Rack and Sport Pack look like being a permanent fixture on he VFR 1200 - neat, unobtrusive and perfect for every day riding. Holds all my bits and pieces and room to spare. The 51l pack is amazing. I took the bike on a business trip to Bristol last week and the pack took all my personal kit, the bike bits (lock, emergency tool kit etc.) and the lap top etc. for work with room to spare. It's easy to put on and off the rack, unobtrusive, makes no difference to the feel/handling of the bike and makes filtering in traffic so very easy compared to conventinal panniers. It probably saved 30 - 45 minutes on the journey home on Friday afternoon/early evening in heavy traffic. - Greg Benton, Peterborough

I have just returned from a trip to Spain/Andorra/France, approx 2,600 miles using the Ventura luggage system on my CBR1000RR (2010). I was riding with a pillion and we were away for approximately a fortnight.

I just wanted to let you know how well the luggage system worked for us. We encountered very high temperatures followed by torrential rain, and the luggage held up superbly. It was easy to get on and off the bracket when we finished riding for the day, and we managed to fit in everything we needed for the trip.

Praise where it is due! - Philip Bagot-Moore,

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To deal with the luggage side of things i have opted for a Ventura Rack System with an Areo Spada V11 backpack, which has the capacity 51 litres. This can be added with a 15/35 litre expandable Aero Delta V11 pack. The rack itself is very easy to fit and took around 20 minutes from start to finish. The nice thikng about the Ventura Systems is that you have 3 options once you have fitted the L Brackets, there is a grab handle , a sports rack or a larger pack rack.


- MCN ,

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