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You are shopping for a motorcycle luggage rack for a Yamaha XJ 900 RK, L, N, S, T, U, W, A, B.

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Please note that a L-Bracket for your motorcycle luggage rack has already been included.

Sports Rack

The Ventura Sport-Rack when combined with the Ventura Sport-Pack offers the ideal way to carry small amounts of luggage.

Price: £47.99
Part:  SR14/B

Pack Rack

To maintain the optimal load distribution the Ventura Pack should be faced forward (as shown) when riding solo. Simply face pack rearwards when riding with a passenger.

Price: £79.99
Part:  PF30/B


When you have no need to carry any riding incidentals just replace the Pack-Rack or the Sports-Rack with the Grab-Handle.

Price: £16.99
Part:  GH14/16/B


Our latest EVO design for the VENTURA Bike-Pack System uses a horizontal rack that secures and supports the packs ensuring there is no load movement when riding.

Price: £77.99
Part:  ER30/B


We have developed a special Top Box Rack that can be easily fitted to our existing VENTURA Bike-Pack System.

Price: £46.99
Part:  TBR30/B

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