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What is the Ventura Bike-Pack System?

The Ventura Bike-Pack System is a light, stable and incredibly versatile motorcycle luggage package. Combining the best features of hard and soft luggage, the Bike Pack System provides huge carrying capability, with minimal impact to your machine’s handling and performance.

How does it work?

The Ventura Bike-Pack System consists of three elements: L-Brackets, Rack and Pack. The L-Brackets are tailor made for each machine and once fitted, offer a solid mounting platform for the Rack and Pack – they’re also light and very discrete, so won’t add excess weight or spoil the clean lines of your bike.

Once the L-Brackets are in place, mounting the Pack System couldn’t be easier; simply slot the Rack into the L-Brackets, then slide your chosen Pack onto the Rack. If you need to carry a passenger position the Pack behind the pillion seat. Simple.

When no luggage is required, the Pack and Rack can be removed in seconds, leaving only the discrete L-Brackets behind. The rider then has the option of fitting a pillion Grab Handle or a Sport Rack; designed especially for transporting small loads.

Why choose the Ventura Bike-Pack System?

As the Pack is supported by the tailor-made Rack, it’s much more stable than normal soft bags and tail packs. The Rack ensures the load won’t shift, even during hard riding, and as it’s carried directly behind the rider, it offers much greater stability than rear- mounted top-cases.

The Pack System doesn’t add to your bike’s width either, allowing easier filtering/parking and creating considerably less wind resistance than panniers.

A huge range of Packs are available (from 35 to 102 litres capacity, depending on pack/combination), offering multiple solutions for commuting, solo weekends away or two-up touring.

To choose a complete Bike Pack System for your motorcycle,
use the System Wizard or watch a video on how the system works.


All L-Brackets are individually designed and custom-made for your model bike to complement rather than detract from it's stylish looks.

Priced from £76.00


The Pack-Rack slots into the L-Bracket sockets and is locked securely in place by two key operated locking devices. The Pack-Rack supports the pack in such a way that no load shift is possible.

Priced from £59.00


The Sport-Rack is designed for around town use and is interchangeable with the Pack-Rack in seconds. The Sport II Pack has been designed exclusively for use with this rack. The rack also doubles as a grab rail for your passenger.

Priced from £46.00


When you don't need to carry luggage why not use the Ventura system to provide some extra peace of mind for your passenger? The Grab-Handle can be slotted and secured into the L-Brackets in seconds providing a sturdy hand hold for your passenger. It looks stylish too!

Priced from £20.00

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