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  • What is the VENTURA Bike-Pack System?

    The Ventura Bike-Pack System is unique motorcycle luggage that consists of L-Brackets and Fitting Kit (specific to your bike), Pack-Rack and a range of packs.

  • Do I need L-Brackets?

    Yes. The L-Brackets are the FIRST STEP of the Bike-Pack System. They are the platform from which you build upon. All the L-Bracket and fitting kits are individually designed and custom-made for your specific bike.

  • Can the Bike-Pack System be used as a back rest?

    NO. The System was never designed for this type of use.

  • Are the packs waterproof?

    The fabric that we use is waterproof, however where there are zips and sewn seams there is always the possibility of water ingress. We have rain covers available for most of our packs.

  • Can I change from Aero to EVO system?

    Yes. Once you have the L-Brackets you can swap between Systems.

  • Is there a weight limit?

    Yes, we do have weight limits which are dependent on the specific bike model. The Fitting Instructions advise the limit.

  • Is there a system for my bike?

    We make systems for well over 2000 models, some of them going back to the mid 70s. We will more than likely have a system to suit your bike. Just check with your nearest dealer or better still your distributor.

  • Is it easy to remove the System?

    Yes, very easy. Just remove the EVO-Rack or AERO Pack-Rack and replace with a Grab-Handle.

  • Do I need to modify my bike?

    We manufacture systems for well over 2000 different models. In a very, very few instances it may be necessary. This is usually to the inner guard and never on any external panels.

  • Will the System fit with factory panniers?

    In most cases they will however it is not always possible. Please refer to our Fitment List.

  • Will the System fit with my Tail Tidy?

    The systems are designed with the bike in its original configuration. As there are many different makes we can’t give you a definitive answer.

  • How easy is it to fit?

    Because they are individually custom-made for each model this can vary but generally by following the instructions that are included it is not difficult.

  • How is the pack secured to the rack?

    The pack has a specifically designed pocket that fits over the rack and is then securely held in place by fast release buckles.

  • Can I move it to other bikes that I have?

    Yes, the racks are a universal fitment as are the packs to the racks. You will need L-Brackets for each bike you have. Once you have them it is very easy.

  • Will the system fit with after-market exhausts?

    The systems are designed with the bike in its original configuration. We try to make allowances for this but it is not always possible.

  • Will it damage paint work?

    Because of our unique design our packs are held securely in place unlike other luggage that relies on straps and bungy cords that can damage the paint and bodywork.

  • Can the pack be easily removed?

    Yes, unclip the buckles and the pack slides off.

  • Will it affect the handling of my bike?

    We have tested various configurations of our VENTURA System on race tracks at speeds in excess of 180kph with no noticeable effect. Having said that we certainly don’t advocate these sorts of speed.

  • Can I make suggestions?

    Yes, please do. We are always looking at how we can improve. Just Contact Us.