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Frequently Asked Questions.

BMW F800R (2009)

Are the L-Brackets available for my bike?
The Ventura Bike Pack System can be fitted to a huge range of motorcycles, use the System Wizard to see if your machine is currently listed. We are constantly adding new machines to our fitment list, so contact us if your bike isn’t listed.

How easy is the Ventura Bike Pack System to fit?
The Bike Pack System’s L-Brackets are custom made to suit each machine, so are very easy to fit. Each System comes complete with all required fittings and full instructions. We also have a system installation video and step-by-step guide.

Can the Pack move around when riding?
All Ventura Packs are designed to fit snugly on the rack, and also come with securing clips to ensure the Pack does not move around – even under hard riding. Many of our Packs come with additional ‘D’ rings for use with extra securing straps too.

Can the Pack be used when carrying a pillion?
Yes it can. When you need to carry a pillion, simply turn the Pack around and position the Pack behind the pillion seat, with the base resting on the rack.

Can I use more than one Pack at a time?
Some Ventura Packs can be zipped together, if extra carrying capacity is required. Our range of Panniers are also compatible with the Bike Pack System.

Do I have to remove the L-Brackets when I’m not carrying luggage?
If no luggage is required, the L-Brackets can be left in place, and the Pack Rack can be easily and quickly replaced with either the Sport Rack or Grab Rail.

I do a lot of filtering through traffic, does the Pack system make my motorcycle wider?
As the Pack is positioned directly behind the rider, it does not add extra width to your machine and it offers much greater stability and manoeuvrability in traffic, compared to traditional pannier systems..

Will the Bike Pack System affect my motorcycle’s stability or handling?
The L-Brackets and Rack are lightweight, so do not add any significant extra weight to your machine. And due to the positioning of the Pack directly behind the rider, the load is spread evenly and offers considerably less wind resistance than panniers. The Rack system also eliminates the possibility of the load shifting under riding too.

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